Software Purpose and Characteristics


Rapid SCADA provides creation of automated systems of the following types:

  • Industrial automation systems.
  • Home automation systems.
  • Energy accounting systems.
  • Security and fire alarm systems.
  • Access control systems.
  • Any systems that contain controllers, sensors and relays.

Rapid SCADA is a software that automatically collects data communicating with controllers, processes data and provides information to a dispatcher. Rapid SCADA supports commonly used communication standards such as Modbus protocol and OPC that allow using a huge amount of various devices. The list of supported devices can be extended by developing additional drivers.

Rapid SCADA consists of the set of application and libraries. The software is a platform which allows flexible system configuration to meet the customer needs. Rapid SCADA is open source software, its internal data formats and communication protocols are documented. This approach simplifies integration of Rapid SCADA with other applications to create complex enterprise-wide solutions. Functionality of Rapid SCADA can be enhanced by adding custom modules which implement required features.

Access to information and control functions in Rapid SCADA is restricted according to user rights. The ability to use Active Directory for user authentication significantly increases the safety of storing passwords. User rights management using Active Directory eliminates the system administrator from manual input user logins and passwords.


The following table contains the main characteristics of the software.

Characteristic Value
Supported OS families Windows, Linux
Maximum number of input channels 65535
Maximum number of output channels 65535
Maximum number of communication lines 65535
Maximum number of devices 65535
Minimum current data writing period 1 second
Minimum archive data writing period 30 seconds
Maximum archive data storing period 10 years
Automatic archive data backup Yes
Active Directory authentication option Yes
Communication protocol between the applications TCP
Writing application and user actions to log files Yes
Disable telecontrol commands option Yes
Extensible functionality Yes
The software is open source Yes