Webstation Application

Webstation is a web application that displays information to a dispatcher via browser in different forms (tabular, schematic, diagrams, reports, etc.) and provides sending commands. Reports are generated in commonly used HTML and Microsoft Excel formats.

Webstation application. Scheme view
Figure 1. Webstation application. Scheme view

Webstation application. Table view
Figure 2. Webstation application. Table view

User is able to choose a view (table or scheme) and a date to access archive data. To show a diagram of an input channel, click an item icon in a table or an appropriate element in a scheme.

Webstation is available from any computer or tablet connected to an organization network without any software installation. Access is managed by a system administrator who defines user rights.

The functionality of Webstation can be extended by additional plugins. For example, Chart Pro Plugin extends the capabilities of Rapid SCADA charts: adds scaling, displaying of multiple charts, export to PNG and PDF. Elastic Report Plugin allows to generate reports according to a custom configuration. Using this plugin, you can build almost any desired report. Developers can download Rapid SCADA source code and the documentation to learn how to implement plugins.